Program structure


The students at the MA degree in Labour Studies must obtain 30 (ECTS) each semester, and a total of 120 ECTS for graduating the program.

The curriculum of the MA Program in Labour Studies includes the following courses:

MSMSP01: Comparative labour relations (Assist. Prof. Aurelian Muntean)
MSMSP02: Stratification and social mobility (Assoc. Prof. Cătălin Augustin Stoica)
MSMSP03: Labour market and collective bargaining in Europe (Assist. Prof. Todor Arpad)
MSMSP04: Varieties of capitalism (Assist. Prof. Aurelian Muntean)
MSMSP05: Comparative European and international labour law (Assoc. Prof. Radu Popescu)
MSMSP06: Migration and labour (Assoc. Prof. Monica Șerban)
MSMSP07: Management of human resources (Assoc. Prof. Mihai Păunescu)
MSMSP08: Sociology of interest groups (Assist. Prof. Aurelian Muntean)
MSMSP09: Civic dialogue and social representation (Assoc. Prof. Cristian Pîrvulescu / Andrada Nimu)
MSMSP10: Recruitment, selection and evaluation of human resources (Assist. Prof. Cătălina Roșca)
MSMSP11: Methods of data analysis (Assist. Prof. Aurelian Muntean / George Matu)
MSMSP12: Anthropology of labour relations (Assist. Prof. Bogdan Iancu)

The MA program in Labour Studies is organized based on two tracks: Comparative research track and Policy track. These areas of specialization represent the fundamentals of expertise and interest in our faculty.